The lateral meniscus tear and cartilage damage suffered by Tim Sparv, captain of the Finland men’s national football team, was surgically treated on 30 March 2021 at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital in Töölö, Helsinki. The operation was successfully performed by Mehiläinen Sports Hospital’s specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology Mikko Kirjavainen. It will take about four weeks for the player to get back on the pitch.

Tim Sparv had to drop out of the national team roster after the World Cup qualification game against Bosnia-Herzegovina played in Helsinki on Wednesday 24 March. A medical examination on Friday revealed that the knee of the 34-year-old midfielder required surgery.

“I felt something happen to my knee during the match. I’m still not certain what actually happened and how the injury occurred. After the game, I wondered if the injury would heal on its own with some rest, but it was quickly revealed that it required treatment,” says Sparv.

“On Friday (26th of March), Mikko Kirjavainen checked the MRI scan images and, today (30th of March), the knee was operated on. Everything has gone very smoothly and now I can start the recovery process. Thanks to Mehiläinen Sports Hospital for their excellent treatment,” Sparv continues.

Mikko Kirjavainen, Chief Medical Officer of Mehiläinen Sports Hospital, has performed numerous knee operations on football players and has a good prognosis for the recovery process.

“The surgery went according to plan. The cartilage damage and meniscus tear on the left knee were repaired. The player is allowed to move the leg and bear weight on it immediately. Rehabilitation begins immediately after Easter, and the player can return to team training and games in about a month,” says Kirjavainen.

The Finland captain, who represents AEL in the Greek Super League, is disappointed about not being able to help the national team all the way.

“I’m really let down that I couldn’t stay with the national team and help them in their World Cup qualifying game against Ukraine. This is just what sports is like, and injuries are a natural part of it. Fortunately, everything has gone well and I can quickly get back in shape,” Sparv says.