Goalkeeper Ahmad Shambih, 24, who has played for the UAE-based Al Nasr team since his youth, had surgery at Sport Hospital Mehiläinen in Turku on Thursday 6 September 2018. The successful operation was performed by Dr Lasse Lempainen in association with Dr Sakari Orava, both specialist sports orthopaedic surgeons.

Goalkeeper Ahmad Shambih was brought to Mehiläinen Sports Hospital thanks to an international network of partners in the sporting world. Al Nasr football club, which plays in the UAE Gulf League, started by consulting FC Barcelona, whose experts referred Shambih on to the specialists at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital in Finland.

“The Barcelonian team has been satisfied with the prior care its players have received from us, so they went on to recommend Mehiläinen Sports Hospital to the Emirati player,” Lempainen explains.

“The procedure was a logical choice, because an MRI clearly indicated an injury to Shambih’s hamstring that required surgery. The surgery findings matched the initial MRI findings,” says Lempainen, one of the sports orthopaedic surgeons at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital.

“I was a little nervous about the operation, because this was my first injury requiring surgery. Now I’m relieved and really happy with the care I have received. I was greatly impressed by the smooth cooperation network between FC Barcelona and the sports hospital,” says Shambih, in relation to his treatment at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital.

“We are very grateful for the treatment received thus far,” says the team’s own physician, Dr Walid, thanking the team at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital.

Already on the day after the surgery, Shambih was transferred to FC Barcelona for rehabilitation and postoperative care, as the Spanish club’s physiotherapy team has some of the world’s leading competence for helping the goalkeeper return to the pitch on top form.

“Rehabilitation with the help of FC Barcelona’s orthopaedists and physiotherapists will help Shambih recover, and there are promising signs that he could return to the game after four months,” estimates Lempainen, who will continue to assist with the rehab phase.

“Our whole team wishes Shambih all the best for a speedy recovery!”

Mehiläinen Sports Hospital carries out international collaboration

Mehiläinen Sports Hospital in Turku, Finland, is accustomed to caring for elite athletes, and its orthopaedic surgeons are internationally renowned and respected experts in the field. The successful surgeries carried out earlier this year on FC Barcelona’s elite players, forward Ousmane Dembélé and midfielder Carles Aleñá, at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital are an indication of the international reputation of the Finnish sports hospital, and of its well-earned place in the network of top experts and specialists in the sector.