Mehiläinen Sports Hospital’s Professor Sakari Orava, has earned a worldwide reputation, particularly as a tendon surgeon trusted by world-famous athletes. For years now, he has been sharing his experience and expertise with the orthopaedic team at our Sports Hospital. Professor Orava’s work is proudly continued by physicians Janne Sarimo and Lasse Lempainen.

Tendon injuries are typical ailments for athletes. Achilles tendon injuries are often the result of overexertion, and partial or complete tears of the Achilles are unfortunately common among athletes.

Somewhat less common, but equally debilitating tendon injuries suffered by athletes are hamstring and groin area injuries. Mehiläinen Sports Hospital is recognised as a world leader in hamstring injuries in particular, in terms of both research and clinical practice. Giving the correct diagnosis and treatment for these injuries requires in-depth knowledge and experience from the orthopaedic surgeon.

Some of the typical injuries we treat are:

  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Tendon injuries in the groin area
  • Hamstring tendon injuries