Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a widely used imaging method for examining the body’s soft tissues in particular. Our Sports Hospitals are equipped with patient-friendly MRI scanners.

Our Siemens Skyra 3T MRI scanner represents the state of the art in its field in terms of both technology and patient comfort, thanks to its wider internal bore diameter of 70 cm, which provides more space for the patient. The scanner can be used to examine any part of the body, but it is especially suitable for the brain and spine, larger joints (such as shoulders and hips), blood vessels and the abdomen.

One of our MRI scanners is used to examine extremities, typically upper limbs below shoulder level and lower limbs below thigh level. The open design of the scanner makes it especially suitable for patients suffering from claustrophobia, as the examination can be carried out in a seated position. Despite the high magnetic field strength (1.5 Tesla), the machine is very quiet.