Selected publications by the Mehiläinen Sports Hospital team in recent years


  • Calcific spurs at the insertion of the Achilles tendon: a clinical and histological study
    Johansson KJ, Sarimo JJ, Lempainen LL, Laitala-Leinonen T, Orava S
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  • Different distributions of operative diagnoses for Achilles tendon overuse injuries in Italian and Finnish athletes
    Johansson K, Lempainen L, Sarimo J, Laitala-Leinonen T, Orava S
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  • Macroscopic anomalies and pathological findings in and around the Achilles tendon. Observations from 1661 operations during a 40-year period
    Johansson K, Lempainen L, Sarimo J, Laitala-Leinonen T, Orava S
    Orthop J Sports Med 2014


  • Operative treatment of acute-on-chronic partial adductor longus tendon rupture – MRI and hip strength follow-up: a case report
    Kosola J, Lindblad N, Mattila K, Lempainen L
    Ann Sports Med Res 2016; 3:1091


  • Medial malleolar stress fracture in athletes: diagnosis and operative treatment
    Lempainen L, Liimatainen E, Heikkilä J, Alonso J, Sarimo J, Mattila K, Orava S.
    Scand J Surg. 2012;101(4):261-4
  • Tension-band wiring for fractures of the fifth metatarsal located in the junction of the proximal metaphysis and diaphysis
    Sarimo J, Rantanen J, Orava S, Alanen J
    Am J Sports Med 2006; 34:476-80


  • Monitoring the health of transitioning professional footballers: protocol of an observational prospective cohort study
    Gouttebarge V,Andersen TE, Cowie C, et al.
    BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine 2019;5


  • Central tendon injuries of hamstring muscles: case series of operative treatment
    Lempainen L, Kosola J, Pruna R, Puigdellivol J, Sarimo J, Niemi P, Orava S
    Orthop J Sports Med 2018 (In press)
  • Clinical principles in the management of hamstring injuries
    Lempainen L, Banke IJ, Johansson K, Brucker PU, Sarimo J, Orava S, Imhoff AB.
    Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 2014
  • Complete proximal hamstring avulsions: a series of 41 patients with operative treatment
    Sarimo J, Lempainen L, Mattila K, Orava S
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  • Distal tears of the hamstring muscles: review of the literature and our results of surgical treatment
    Lempainen L, Sarimo J, Mattila K, Heikkilä J, Orava S
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  • Expert opinion: diagnosis and treatment of proximal hamstring tendinopathy
    Lempainen L, Johansson K, Banke IJ, Ranne J, Mäkelä K, Sarimo J, Niemi P, Orava S
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  • Operative treatment for the painful posterior thigh after hamstring autograft harvesting
    Laakso M, Kosola J, Niemi P, Mäkelä K, Ranne J, Orava S, Lempainen L
    Muscles Ligaments Tendons J 2017 (In press)
  • Proximal hamstring tendinopathy: results of surgical management and histopathologic findings
    Lempainen L, Sarimo J, Mattila K, Vaittinen S, Orava S
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  • Surgical excision of posttraumatic ossifications at the proximal hamstrings in young athletes: technique and outcomes
    Orava S, Hetsroni I, Marom N, Mann G, Sarimo J, Ben-Zvi O, Lempainen L
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  • Distal patellar tendinosis: an unusual form of jumper’s knee
    Sarimo J, Sarin J, Orava S, Heikkilä J, Rantanen J, Paavola M, Raatikainen TKnee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 2007; 15:54-7

Myositis ossificans

  • Surgical excision of symptomatic mature posttraumatic myositis ossificans: characteristics and outcomes in 32 athletes
    Orava S, Sinikumpu JJ, Sarimo J, Lempainen L, Mann G, Hetsroni I
    Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2017 Aug 5. doi: 10.1007/s00167-017-4667-7. [Epub ahead of print]

Rectus femoris

  • Complete midsubstance rectus femoris ruptures: a series of 27 athletes treated operatively
    Lempainen L, Kosola J, Niemi P, Orava S, Pruna R.
    Muscles Ligaments Tendons J. 2018;8:276-282.
  • Operative Treatment of Proximal Rectus Femoris Injuries in Professional Soccer Players: A Series of 19 Cases
    Lempainen L, Kosola J, Pruna R, Puigdellivol J, Ranne J, Orava S.
    Orthop J Sports Med. 2018 Oct 2;6(10):2325967118798827.
  • Total proximal tendon avulsion of the rectus femoris muscle”
    Irmola T, Heikkilä JT, Orava S, Sarimo J
    Scand J Med Sci Sports 2007; 17:378-82


  • A combination of Latarjet and remplissage for treatment of severe glenohumeral instability and bone loss. A case report
    Ranne J, Sarimo J, Heinonen O, Orava S
    Journal of Orthopedics 2013
  • All-arthroscopic double-bundle coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using autogenous semitendinosus graft: a new technique
    Ranne J, Sarimo J, Rawlins M, Heinonen O, Orava S
    Arthrosc Tech. 2012 Feb 16;1(1): e11-4
  • Arthroscopic coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using a synthetic polycaprolactone-based polyurethane urea tendon graft: a report of five cases
    Ranne J, Lempainen L, Kosola J, Kajander S, Kainonen T, Niemi P
    Surg Innov 2018 (In press)
  • Arthroscopic coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using graft augmentation and titanium implants
    Ranne J, Kainonen T, Kosola J, Lempainen L, Kanto K, Lehtinen J
    Arthroscopy Techniques (In press)
  • Modified arthroscopic Latarjet procedure with coracoid exteriorization for treatment of anterior glenohumeral instability
    Ranne J, Kainonen T, Lehtinen J, Heinonen O.
    Arthroscopy Techniques 2013; 2(4), pages e361-e365

Stress fracture

  • Anterior mid-tibial stress fractures. Results of surgical treatment
    Liimatainen E, Sarimo J, Hulkko A, Ranne J, Heikkilä J, Orava S
    Scand J Surg 2009; 98:244-9
  • Operative treatment of stress fractures of the proximal second metatarsal
    Sarimo J, Orava S, Alanen J
    Scand J Med Sci Sports 2007; 17:383-6
  • Stress fractures of sacrum
    Liimatainen E, Alonso J, Lempainen L, Johansson K, Sarimo J, Frantzén J, Orava S
    ACR Journal of Research in Sports Medicine 2016; 1:20-6
  • Surgical treatment of chronic stress fractures in athletes
    Orava S, Sarimo J, Heikkilä J, Lempainen L
    Arthroscopy 2012


  • Bioactive glass in lumbar spondylodesis. A pre-clinical and clinical study
    Frantzén J, Thesis, University of Turku, 2012


  • Triceps tears in athletes – Different injury patterns and surgical treatment
    Lempainen L, Sarimo J, Rawlins M, Heikkilä J, Orava S
    Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2011 Oct;131(10):1413-7