Ousmane Dembélé from FC Barcelona and Hiroki Abe from Barça B both underwent hamstring surgery at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital in Turku on 11 February 2020. Both procedures were successful and were performed by Orthopaedic Surgeon Lasse Lempainen.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Lasse Lempainen’s collaboration with football club FC Barcelona continues.

Ousmane Dembélé, left winger for FC Barcelona, underwent planned hamstring surgery to his right thigh at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital in Turku on Tuesday.

“We knew in advance that Dembélé’s injury was quite severe. The surgery went as planned and he will be able to make his comeback in about six months,” says Lempainen.

“For the time being, recovery requires patience and a thorough rehabilitation programme. The recovery process will be handled in cooperation with the team,” Lempainen continues.
Hiroki Abe’s surgery on Tuesday also went as planned.

“Abe’s recovery will take about four to five months. He plans to make his comeback at the Tokyo Olympics,” says Lempainen.