Orthopedic surgeon
Hip surgery, arthroscopy, osteotomies and replacement

Name and title:  Matti Seppänen, MD

Special areas of expertise: Hip Surgery, hip arthroscopy, periacetabular and femoral osteotomies, hip replacement

Additional expertise: Young adult and adolescent hip problems, Joint preserving surgery of the hip (FAI, DDH)

Education and work history:

  • MD
  • Ortohopedic surgeon
  • Leader of Young Adult and Adolecent Hip Center of Turku University Hospital

Procedures per year: Hip arthroscopy 100/ year, hip replacement 150/year, PAO 30/year

Memberships: ESSKA Hip arthroscopy committee, FOA, SAPLY, FAA

Contact information: matti.a.seppanen@sportshospital.com