Hand Surgeon
Hand and wrist injuries

Name and title: Antti Sommarhem MD, PhD, Chief Hand Surgeon at Mehiläinen Finland

Special areas of expertise: Hand and wrist injuries

Additional expertise: Acute treatment and late reconstructions of hand and wrist fractures, tendon, cartilage, nerve and ligament injuries of adults, children and adolecents.

Quote: “My passion is to bring together profound understanding of the complex dynamics of hand and highly developed surgical skills to what hand means for You.”

Education and work history:

  • MD 2001
  • PhD 2007
  • Specialist in Hand Surgery 2011
  • Hand Surgery fellowship in National University Hospital Singapore Department of Hand and Reconstruvtive Microsurgery 2011-12
  • Consultant Hand Surgeon, Children’s Hospital Helsinki Finland 2010-2011, 2012-2019.
  • Consultant Hand Surgeon South Carelian Central Hospital Finland 2013-
  • Consultant Hand Surgeon Aava, Terveystalo, Mehiläinen 2011-
  • Chief of Hand Surgery Mehiläinen Finland 2019-

Patients include: Athletes from different disciplines.

Procedures per year: 500


  • Board member of Finnish Society for Surgery of Hand 2014-2018.
  • Phisos (Pediatric Hand International Study Group of Surgeons) member 2019-

Contact information: antti.sommarhem@sportshospital.com