Collaboration tightens with Dynamo Moscow

Orthopedist Lasse Lempainen from Mehiläinen Neo Sports Hospital, who has treated many stars of the sports world and acted as a consultant for elite clubs, visited FC Dynamo Moscow in October.

There he familiarised himself with the football club’s medical team, footballers and facilities. He also gave a lecture on muscle and tendon injuries and how to prevent them.

“I have to thank Dynamo’s head physician, Alexander Yardoshvili, for the invitation. I was very interested to see the conditions in which the football club operates, and was delighted to note that everything was first-rate: the gym, the pool, the medical facilities, the fine football fields. I am happy to start this collaboration with Dynamo’s medical management,” Lempainen says.

“Dr Lempainen is a world-class surgeon: a true star and absolutely one of the top experts on muscle and tendon injuries in Europe. His experience and the fact that he has worked for years with clubs such as FC Barcelona clearly demonstrate he is worthy of our trust. It is wonderful to have his support for the Dynamo medical team,” writes Yardoshvili in a press release.

Sports Hospital receives new customers from around the world

The strong international renown of Mehiläinen Neo Sports Hospital and many athletes’ positive experiences of the hospital’s surgical procedures, facilities and services are bringing more and more athletes from around the world to the hospital.