We welcome you to Finland and Mehiläinen Sports Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. However, due to global Covid-19 pandemic there are certain protective measures that need to be understood and completed before your arrival. These guidelines are in accordance with the regulations instituted by the Finnish national health authorities.

Before travelling to Finland, you and your travel partner cannot show symptoms of Covid-19. When you come to Mehiläinen Sports Hospital for treatment you may be accompanied with only one escorting person. At your home country both of you need to have a Covid-19 PCR-test performed and the results must be negative. Please notice, that the test result is valid for 48 hours starting at the time of sampling. You also need to obtain official documentation of the test results and you must send them via email to your surgeon (firstname.lastname@mehilainen.fi ) as well as our surgical coordinator leikkaus.helsinki@mehilainen.fi if your treatment will take place in Helsinki or leikkaus.turku@mehilainen.fi if your treatment will take place in Turku.

During your travel to Finland you must wear a face mask, avoid close contact to other passengers and take proper measures of hand hygiene.

After arriving in Finland, we recommend you rent a car at the airport or travel by a pre-booked vehicle avoiding close contact with other people. You must also wear a face mask at all times. The stay must take place in Töölön Tornit – Helsinki or in Sokos Hotel Kupittaa – Turku, both located adjacent to Mehiläinen Sports Hospitals. The hotel must be booked through our surgical coordinator.

In Finland Mehiläinen Sports Hospital provides you with a new Covid-19 PCR-test, which also must be negative. Please notice, that in case of positive test result you and your accompanying person are placed in hotel quarantine for 2 weeks or until both of you provide a negative test result. This is in accordance with the regulations of the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL).

Throughout your visit at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital you must wear a face mask and apply proper hand hygiene. During surgery your escort must wait for you in your patient room at the hospital or in your hotel room. Please avoid public places during your visit in Finland.

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the travel restrictions of your home country before you leave home, in order to plan the necessary steps in fulfilling the Covid-19 related guidelines applicable in your return. If necessary, we can help you with additional Covid-19 testing before your departure.

In case of any questions please contact our surgical coordinators in Helsinki or Turku, or send an email to info@sportshospital.com