First Chinese Patient Has Surgery at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital in Turku

The renown of Mehiläinen Sports Hospital’s international competence has reached China. Orthopaedists Lasse Lempainen and Sakari Orava conducted surgery on the hospital’s first Chinese patient on 12 February 2019.

Prolonged gluteal pain prompted football coach Liu Yang to come to Finland from Shanghai. He had what is known as hamstring syndrome surgery at the hospital in Turku.

“The surgery went according to plan. The patient already suspected hamstring syndrome based on internet research,” explains orthopaedist Lasse Lempainen.

Liu Yang decided to come to Finland having familiarised himself with Lempainen’s publications and recommendations from international athletes who have previously been to Turku for treatment.

“This is his first visit to Europe, and he has very much liked Finland. He was very positively surprised by the hospital’s outstanding facilities and friendly staff,” Lempainen says.

Boundaries between nations are increasingly being erased, even in the world of medicine. Information spreads quickly online.

“We regularly have patients – both professional athletes and regular sporting enthusiasts – from abroad, who come here with issues such as hamstring injuries. We have long visited international conferences as speakers on muscle and tendon injury treatments, conducted research on these subjects, and carried out partnerships with sports clubs such as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Our network is gradually spreading, and that is how this patient ended up here as well. Naturally we strive to provide equally good care to each of our patients,” Lempainen concludes.