The Finnish Snowboard Association (FSA) has started a cooperation with Mehiläinen Sports Hospital. The aim is to maintain and support the overall health of the Finnish national snowboard team known as the Team QKLS, which includes both the adult snowboarders and juniors. The medical team of the Mehiläinen Sports Hospital is with the snowboarders all the way to the top.

Mehiläinen Sports Hospital medical team works with the snowboarders and their support team in all matters concerning health. The aim is to promote the overall health of the athletes, to maximise the number of healthy training days, and to prevent injuries.

“Our strategy to promote top-level snowboarding definitely benefits from our cooperation with Mehiläinen Sports Hospital. Our athletes as well as our personnel have received much needed support also during our current global situation. Thanks to the cooperation, our athletes can feel safe when it comes to medical issues, anywhere and anytime, 24/7,” says Jussi-Pekka Kinnunen, High Performance Director at FSA.

Kinnunen points out that Mehiläinen Sports Hospital is also able to offer the important services of physical coaching and physiotherapy that help prevent injuries. Equally, the cooperation facilitates the work done with other FSA stakeholders like the Olympic Training Center.

“Thanks to such a comprehensive cooperation, the athletes can better focus on their work: sports,” Kinnunen concludes.

“We are happy to be able to offer our expertise in support of these top athletes. Snowboarding is a discipline known for its amazing and bold attitude, whether the person doing it is an amateur or one of the best in the world. Our team has over five years of history with the snowboarders, and we were part of their medical team at the Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018. The new cooperation is a natural continuum of our previous work and focuses on the overall health of these top athletes, and on injury prevention”, says Mikko Kirjavainen, Chief Physician at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital.

Finnish Snowboard Association (FSA)

  • established in 1988
  • the world’s second oldest national snowboard association
  • a member of the World Snowboarding Federation (WSF)