The experts at our Sports Hospital support and promote the safe and fast rehabilitation of the patient. Our orthopaedic specialists together with our experienced physiotherapists and athlete trainers make a carefully considered decision on the most suitable course of action. Sometimes physiotherapy is all that is required for successful post-injury rehabilitation.

During the rehabilitation period, the physiotherapist has regular sessions with the patient, following their healing and supporting them along the way. The physiotherapist also regularly consults the surgeon in charge, and reports on the process.

If the patient moves on to continue their rehabilitation process in another country, our experts will provide written instructions and follow up on their progress by email or a special mobile application.

With their years of post-surgical rehabilitation experience, our experts can support and promote the safe and fast rehabilitation of patients. The most suitable treatment and therapy methods are chosen based on the needs of the individual.

An individual post-surgical rehabilitation plan is drawn up together with the surgeon in charge. The plan includes instructions for exercises and self-care, also considering pain management and pain relief.