Our CT scanners are specifically designed for detailed examinations of extremities. The devices implement X-ray cone-beam technology, and therefore produce significantly lower radiation doses than standard CT scanners.

The devices can be used for imaging of e.g. knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists and hands.

CT scanners can be used for:

  • diagnosing or ruling out fractures (when X-ray findings are inconclusive)
  • closer analysis of the position and extent of the fracture
  • assessment of fracture healing
  • detailed analyses of cartilage lesions and their healing

Cartilage is clearly visible in CT scans, especially if contrast medium is injected into the joint cavity. Examinations of the lower extremities can also be carried out in weight-bearing, i.e. standing, position.

The procedure does not require a separate appointment. The duration of a CT examination is approximately five to 10 minutes and the imaging itself takes no longer than 20 seconds.