The world-renowned specialists at our Sports Hospital have extensive knowledge and years of experience in treating injuries and ailments of the muscles, tendons and cartilages, shoulders and elbows, knees, ankles, feet and back. The appropriate treatment of patient injuries, quick rehabilitation and positive patient experience are top priorities of our surgeons and medical teams.


An orthopaedic consultation is required before any treatment decision is made. It is not always necessary for a patient to travel to Finland in order to have a medical consultation with our Sports Hospital specialists. Remote consultations are a convenient way to receive an assessment and/or a second opinion from our top surgeons.

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

The experts at our Sports Hospital support and promote the safe and fast rehabilitation of the patient. Our orthopaedic specialists together with our experienced physiotherapists and athlete trainers make a carefully considered decision on the most suitable course of action.

Return To Play & Performance training

Our Sports Hospital has training concepts for athletes and exercisers, created with the aim of preventing sports injuries and ensuring a controlled recovery process in case an injury does occur.

Medical imaging

Our Sports Hospital has state-of-the-art medical imaging units, where we carry out X-ray and ultrasound scans as well as examinations using our patient-friendly MRI and CT scanners.


We offer wide range of laboratory services. These include taking diverse samples and carrying out a wide range of tests on them in our own central lab.