FC Zenit Saint Petersburg’s forward Malcom has surgery at Mehiläinen Sports Hospital in Turku

The Brazilian forward Malcom, who plays for FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, had successful surgery on an anterior thigh injury on 9 October 2019 in Turku. The surgery was conducted by orthopedists Lasse Lempainen and Sakari Orava.

Malcom, who was sold by FC Barcelona to Zenit for EUR 40 million in the summer, had a tear in his rectus femoris muscle. Malcom visited the chosen venue for the surgery, Mehiläinen Sports Hospital, earlier the same week.

“The surgery was completed successfully and I trust that the player will be able to return to the elite level according to plan,” says Lempainen.

The striker received the injury after joining the ruling Russian champions, and rehabilitation was initially attempted without surgery. When the injury recurred, surgery became the only option. It was the player’s first-ever visit to Finland and he was impressed with the friendly and competent staff he encountered.

“The surgery went well and my leg feels good. I consulted Russia’s national team player Denis Cheryshev on the morning of the operation and if I had any doubts that this was the right decision, they disappeared when he told me of the similar procedure he had successfully had in Turku,” Malcom said, referring to Mehiläinen Sports Hospital.
Cheryshev sent his regards to Turku via Malcom, saying that Dr Orava and Dr Lempainen had saved his career. He praised the hospital and said that its orthopedists’ judgement should be trusted.

“It is a great demonstration of trust in us when an elite-level athlete comes to us for surgery,” Lempainen rejoices.

The surgery was attended by FC Zenit’s physiotherapist Felix Ledesma. Malcom returned to St. Petersburg yesterday and will begin his rehabilitation shortly. He is expected to return to the playing field during the winter break.