Orthopedic surgeon
Knee and ankle surgery

Orthopedist Mikko Kirjavainen, a medial expert trusted by many elite athletes, is consulting at Mehiläinen Neo Sports Hospital in Helsinki.

Kirjavainen is interested in Mehiläinen Neo’s philosophy of providing high-quality care to all active movers, whether they are top sportspeople or amateur enthusiasts, and is happy to add his own expertise to the pool. He has extensive experience as a medical professional and specialist.

Kirjavainen’s posts have included acting as physician for the Finnish Olympic team in Pyeongchang 2018, being the personal doctor for Finland’s national snowboard team, and looking after top-level ballet dancers. He is also a medical consultant for many athletes and sports teams. His specialist competence lies in the treatment of knee, ankle and foot problems.

Kirjavainen himself is an active mover who finds it had to stay still. “I lead a bustling life and find I have the energy and the drive for many different things. At work I am particularly interested in development and improvement, and I hope to contribute to Mehiläinen Neo in this respect, too. As a physician I am involved in various NGOs in Finland and abroad. I especially enjoy speaking at diverse events, and I am always ready for new challenges when the occasion arises.”