Performance and Coaching

Athletes and sportspeople of all ages come to see Coaching Specialist Marko Yrjövuori to receive preventive guidance or for help when their post-operative rehabilitation hasn’t progressed according to expectations. “The aim is to see them returning safely to their sports pursuits, or to prevent injuries altogether. I provide my clients with tools for fixing their issues,” Yrjövuori explains.

“Athletes will consult me in order to get even more out of their training, or because they have not recovered from an operation quite as they had hoped. I provide them with tools for learning the correct ranges of motion to prevent injury from being caused by training or competition,” Yrjövuori says.

Yrjövuori sees representatives of a wide range of sports.

“I receive all kinds of sportspeople, from professional boxers to professional horse-riders. The variety of disciplines is huge. That is what makes my job so interesting, because I get to learn while practising; I want to figure out the specific challenges for each sport. I myself have experience of diverse sports, having competed in athletics, taekwondo, and even skeleton bobsledding at World Championship level.”

Learning in the USA

Marko Yrjövuori’s career has included many demanding tasks, including being a part of the physical fitness team of the Los Angeles Kings (who play in the NHL), and spending 12 years as a trainer with the Los Angeles Lakers, specifically being in charge of star player Kobe Bryant. Marko is in fact the only Finn to have been involved in two NBA championship wins.

“In the last 15 years I have built a training programme with an excellent success rate. Many athletes come to me feeling that they cannot optimise the functioning of a specific part of their body with their current training, which leads to injuries. I try to see things differently, familiarising myself with the sport and identifying the best exercises to address the issue.”

Support for prevention and training

Marko Yrjövuori often works as a part of athletes’ coaching teams.

“For example, we will create training programmes for an Olympic athletes in order to maximise the potential of their bodies in a safe and effective way. I always talk about the athlete’s life as a whole, including not only training but also rest, stress management, and so on. It is great that the best experts work together at Mehiläinen Neo Sports Hospital to enhance the well-being of our clients.”

Yrjövuori is a sought-after lecturer in Finland and abroad. In recent years he has lectured on physical coaching and biomechanics in countries including the United States, Australia and Russia. In Finland he talks about well-being and the balance between training and recovery to sports clubs and schools, in particular.

“Activating the body is important. Young athletes come to me, for example to carry out strength training during a growth spurt. Today’s sportspeople are subjected to heavy strains, and they need to do a lot to prevent injuries. Some athletes’ training plans have to be adjusted in order to optimise the balance between stress, recovery and development. I like to be the person who dares to say things out loud, because it is important to ensure our athletes’ well-being for the rest of their lives.”