Athletes Movement Control – key to to the prevention of sports injuries

Mehiläinen Sports Hospital´s Coaching Specialist Marko Yrjövuori organised daylong masterclasses for Russian sports professionals in February.

The masterclasses were held at St.Petersburg and Moscow and got participants all over the Russia – from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk and many other cities.

At St. Petersburg the event was held in close co-operation with HC SKA at their training center in SKA Hockey City The day included visit to KHL series game between HC SKA and HC Jokerit from Finland. Other supporters for the events
included Russian Basketball Federation and Russian Rugby Union.

The classes were attended by Russian professional sports clubs doctors, physical coaches and physiotherapists, including participants from Russian premier leagues such as FC Lokomotiv Moscow, BC CSKA and others.

Masterclasses contained both theoretical lectures, video tutoring and practical classes for the participants. The events were received very well and enthusiastically. By the words of one anonymous visitor, also himself a former professional sportsman – “If I had known the knowledge that Marko shared with us today, I would have been able to prolong my personal sports career for so much longer,” – resonating the overall reception of Marko’s classes in Russia.

Yrjövuori is a sought-after lecturer in Finland and abroad. In recent years he has lectured on physical coaching and biomechanics in countries including the United States, Australia and Russia.

“Activating the body is important. Today’s sportspeople are subjected to heavy strains, and they need to do a lot to prevent injuries. Some athletes’ training plans have to be adjusted in order to optimise the balance between stress, recovery and development. I like to be the person who dares to say things out loud, because it is important to ensure our athletes’ well-being for the rest of their lives.”